Original and Reproduction Artworks
by Artist Frank Mitchell

it's all about the art...

Frank Mitchell is rated in the top 20 artists in the world for his renditions of trains, 
especially steam trains, with their billowing smoke. This website is the portal into Frank's world, 
filled with amazing images and collectibles that are available for sale to you.

About Frank Mitchell

Frank Mitchell was born in Sydney in 1937 and grew up at WoyWoy. 
He has lived in Sydney and along the N.S.W. Coast, and is now at Corindi Beach, just north of Coffs Harbour.

Frank studied at the National Art School in Sydney. 
He later taught art and has held over 50 successful exhibitions of his own works.
s earlier works focused on the Australian landscape and now he has broadened his portfolio to include steam train paintings. Generally he uses oils, but also does some paintings in acrylic.  

As an artist Frank has developed a reputation and success as a first-class painter in the area of steam train art, 
painting from black and white photos found in early railway magazines and books.   
In some cases, scenes are recomposed, giving the subject originality and life.
Frank’s paintings include steam trains still operating in Australia.

Peter Mitchell (Frank’s son) frames all of Frank's paintings and prints at his studio workshop at Coffs Harbour.
All reproduction prints of trains are professionally printed on canvas and sealed to retain full colour.

What's available...

Frank and Peter have been working hard to offer you an array of art and consumables. 
These cover a variety of prices and goods like fob watches, station clocks, framed prints, greeting cards,
mugs and even a playful 'Rubiks' type cube with train images. 

If you are a steam train enthusiast then you are sure
to be pleased with the variety of items for sale. 

Also, as new paintings arrive they are added to the shop 
so bookmark this site and return occassionally to see what's new.

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not only trains

Frank Mitchell has been painting for a long time.
His love of trains is apparent, but he has also been
commissioned to paint works on other subjects.

The image on the left is a rendition of a yacht in
Batemans Bay NSW.  Commissioned in 2013 it
shows the crew from an unusual angle,
and highlights the 'tilt' of the boat
even though the seas are quite calm.

He has also painted flowers,
local Coffs Harbour beach scenes,
a Tiger Moth flying over the coast,
 landscapes, mountain scenes and many others.

To organise a private commission painting

Print Quality Guarantee

Frank's originals are mostly oil paints on board. 

To produce the high quality reproduction prints Frank
has his originals photographed by Ray Meyer in Coffs Harbour. 

Ray Meyer handles the quality control and prepares
the files for 
printing onto canvas and photo papers.

These reproduction 'prints' are all made using archival
pigment inks and printed onto high quality substrates. 

The canvas prints are sealed with Liquid Laminate. 

All prints are expected to hold their colour for 75 years
or more when framed correctly and kept away
UV light sources like the sun and flourescent lights.

Keeping things local has many advantages:  
- consistency of colour, 
- excellent colour matching of reproduction prints, 
- archival life and quick turnaround.